St. John Academy

Through the use of new technology, faith-based principles and academic support, St. John Academy provides holistic education to students in Savannah, GA.

Education in Savannah, GA

St. John Academy values the learning process as a whole and works hard to facilitate its relationship between teachers, parents, administrators, and the students. Through this sense of community and partnership, great strides in educational and societal achievement can be made.

Our Philosophy

The St. John Academy Educational Program is committed to the growth and advancement of the total student. This holistic approach to education is based on the belief that the development of each aspect of the student: spiritually, intellectually, physically, historically, socially, and aesthetically, is necessary to interact productively with the community in order to participate in changes that will take place in society.


At St. John Academy, we are always pushing new technology and are proud to offer streaming video and a selection of online videos to help prospective students get a feel for what we are all about!

Open Enrollment

Grand Opening

To learn more about the incredible services and classes at St. John Academy, please give our office a call at (912) 401-0074